DontYouLike DeadMusicians

Some nice shots of the show at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig


We play several shows this spring, you can attend to!

New live videos online!
Be invited to check our media section or our Youtube channel for new videos!

Video of 15M online!!

We have a little video for you. The song approaches the riots in spain starting on May 15th. Watch!


Release of our first 7 Track EP

We´re so proud to be able to present this little artwork of self-made music and design.

Cover   CoverBack

You can listen to the songs in media, on soundcloud or download the whole album on bandcamp for free or make a donation.

We just finished a Video-Teaser for our first 7 Track e.P. ENJOY!


Just recently we recorded some songs – here are some impressions:


DontYouLike DeadMusicians